Cebu Entertainment and Nightlife

Cebu is a vibrant city which comes alive after dark. It is the second largest city in Philippines. There is a great range of Cebu nightlife including bars, pubs, discos and nightclubs, casinos, karaoke bars, restaurants and more. Here are some of the highlights.

Jokers ArmsRegular Bars & Pubs

There are also a number of regular bars in Cebu where you can simply relax at the bar, enjoy a few laughs with the other blokes, and play a game of darts or billiards.


Cebu Restaurants

Over recent years there have been many new restaurants open up in Cebu. Now you can choose between restaurants of all types from pizza and grills to Spanish, Italian, South African, Chinese and many more.


Cebu Discos & Nightclubs

There are many nightclubs and discos in Cebu and most of them kick off around 10 pm.


Cebu Bar GirlsCebu Go-Go Bars

These bars are sometimes referred to as go-go bars or “girlie bars”. Unlike the regular bars this type of bar tends to have scantily-clad  female (or sometimes male) dancers and hostesses to entertain the clients. A similar form of establishment is the KTV bar.

Cebu Massage

Cebu Massage
What better way to relax, after a long night of partying, than with an hour or two of massage! There are massage venues all over Cebu and at most you can get a Swedish massage or Thai massage for around P150 to P250. More